A student made me happy

A few weeks ago at Roggen Meyer bakery cafe I asked the waitress about one of the products. She was very polite but she knew nothing about the product. I was very disappointed that she took no interest in the bakery’s products.

But today a student made me happy again.

I saw that one of my students was reading about green tea in English. I found out that this student works in a green tea shop in Tokyo, and she was studying the products in both Japanese and English (she needs to learn the English explanation because there are a lot of foreign customers). I was so happy that she was interested in her shop’s products.


9 thoughts on “A student made me happy

  1. I drink green tea every day.
    When I was a high school student,I was belonged to Sado club.
    So I love green tea!!!!


  2. That’s nice to hear, Saori. But I think the best thing is your dedication to your part-time job. Many people don’t seem to care about their job, which is very sad.


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