Roggen Meyer

Today I had no classes in the afternoon. I wanted to buy some lunch and eat it in Sumpu Park, but the weather was too wet and windy, so I looked around for a place that was not crowded and where no-one was smoking.

I found the Roggen Meyer Cafe in Parche. It’s a small place next to the Roggen Meyer bakery. The cafe was empty and there were no ashtrays on the tables, so I decided to eat there.

Firstly I bought some bread rolls and pastries from the bakery, then I ordered a cappuccino. The waitress was very polite, and I was happy to sit and eat quietly.

Although the coffee was very very hot it tasted as bad as the coffee from Mr Donuts, but the apple pastry was delicious. It wasn’t so big, but it cost only 116 yen, and was full of slices of tasty apple. There was no cinnamon or other spices, just the taste of the apple. Perhaps it was a little too sweet, but it still was really good.

The name of the apple pastry was マイヤーズ (or Meyer’s), and I wondered if it was a speciality of this shop. So, when I was paying the money, I asked the waitress about the Meyer’s apple pastry. She had no idea, she hadn’t even noticed that マイヤーズ and Meyer’s were the same word. I realised that she was a part-time worker who had no interest in the products she was selling, shame!

7 thoughts on “Roggen Meyer

  1. Thanks Yuki, your information is really interesting. It’s very good to hear about your experience. I wonder if the waitress in Roggen Meyer will now study the products in her bakery, I hope so.


  2. Hello, Pat!! I’m a 1st-year, your T3 student.
    I think so, it’s very sad some part-time workers don’t know about the products or the dishes they are selling.
    Actually, I worked as a waitress at a local restaurant about two years. At first I couldn’t answer when someone asked me about the dishes. I was ashamed, so I asked other senior workers, memorized and half a year later I became to be able to explain the dishes in detail.
    Maybe I’ll work at another restaurant after Golden week. I keep your opinion in my mind.


  3. You are absolutely right!
    This waitress was very polite and provided excellent basic service, but it was obvious that she had no interest in the products or the bakery.
    Perhaps when you review restaurants and shops on your blogs (which are listed under ‘Links’) you might include a few words about the staff?


  4. Great to hear from you Kouta, I hope you are enjoying the new year at university.
    I remember the tennis courts in Sumpu Park, they seemed so popular. Whenever I went past there were always many people enjoying tennis. It is sad to hear that they are not there now.


  5. Hi!! Pat, I haven’t seen you for a long time.
    Sunpu park is my familiar place. There used to be tennis courts. When I was in junior high school I often went to practice on the tennis courts every week. But they were pulled down to dig up the ruins of Sunpu castle about 4 years ago.
    See you!!


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