Mobile phone problem

Like most people I have a mobile telephone. Recently I have had some problems because the battery has a very short life and often needs to be charged. Here is a picture of the battery.


So I went to the au shop to buy a new battery. The sales assistant tried to sell me a new phone. But I only use it for a few short calls every month. I don’t take photos (I use my ‘real’ camera), I don’t send messages (I use my personal computer), and I don’t play games, so I told her I would like to keep the same telephone.

The sales assistant said a new battery would cost 3,000 yen or 2,000 points. It seemed very expensive since my phone was free when I first got it. I thought about it and decided to use 2,000 points. The sales assistant checked on the computer and found that au did not have a battery to fit my phone! My telephone is less than 3 years old, but the sales assistant told me that most people change phones every 6 months or year (is this true?), so my telephone was actually very old.

By chance I noticed that I pay 300 yen a month for an internet charge. But I never use this! So I have spent about 10,000 yen on nothing since I started using my phone.

I asked the sales assistant to stop this service immediately, which she did. I reckon that if I save this 300 yen a month then next year I should have saved enough money for a new phone. But until then I will have to charge my battery every night.

4 thoughts on “Mobile phone problem

  1. Uh…it’s almost true. Many Japanese change phones every year. In my case, I’ve never kept using the same cell phone over a year.
    Now my cell phone is pretty and comfortable to use, so maybe I’ll continue to use this until the time the battery life becomes very short.


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