Zed or Zee?

Z is the last letter in the English alphabet, and also the rarest. This letter comes from the Greek language, and is known as zeta in Greek.

There are two pronunciations, ‘zed’ and ‘zee’. Zee is the pronunciation used in the USA, and zed is the pronunciation used almost everywhere else.

Today one of my students told me something very interesting. She said that when she first learned the ‘abc’ song she pronounced the z as ‘zed’, but at about the time of junior high school she noticed that the pronunciation changed to ‘zee’.

Does anyone have a similar (or different) experience?

8 thoughts on “Zed or Zee?

  1. Thanks, taktak, I am very happy to hear that you are good.
    And thanks alice and takehiro for the information about Z. I will do some more research.


  2. I learn there is two types in pronunciation in a class teached by Yano. I don’t rmember this name.


  3. Hi!!
    I had same experience.
    First, I was taught “zet” in elementary.
    But when I was junior high, I was taught “zee
    I’ve thought “zee” is true because I was taught it later…

    From Arisa,S


  4. Hello~
    How are you doing!?

    I am good.
    I am your student, and now I am doing Task 3.

    Anyway, now I have to go.
    Task 4 is waiting for me…
    Oh, so scary…



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