Cinnamon roll and smoke

There is a nice bakery cafe, called Epiciel at Shimizu station. I went to Shimizu yesterday and I decided to have lunch there.

I have been there many times before and there is a good selection of bread and pastry, and some of the products are original. I ordered a few things including a cinnamon roll. It was not like the soft bread cinnamon roll that is in many bakeries, but this one was like a thick sponge bread, and it was really delicious.

But there is one bad thing, one really bad thing, about this bakery cafe: smoking is allowed. I have had a bad experience here before.

Yesterday there were about 12 customers in the cafe and I was lucky, no-one was smoking. But just as I was finishing a man walked in and took an ashtray and put it on his table, a smoker. I could see the other customers look at him, there were six elderly people and a mother with two young children. Immediately they all started to leave.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon roll and smoke

  1. Well, smoking will be banned soon anyway!
    By the way “Epiciel” is the French combination of “epi” or ear (as of wheat and corn) and “ciel” or sky!


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