Flying reindeer

Does man know everything there is to know? Of course not. Has man discovered every living thing on this planet? Again, of course not. One of the reasons that there is no Santa (see There is no Santa) is that flying reindeer don’t exist. But perhaps man just hasn’t seen one yet.

In the wild snowy Himalayan mountains lives a legendary animal, the yeti. It stands on two legs like a human, it is huge and scary, and it is covered with long white hair. Perhaps it really exists, and perhaps it doesn’t.

In the deep dark Pacific Ocean (more than 2.5km deep) lives another strange animal. It is a crab which is covered by long white hair. This animal is not a legend, it is real. It was first discovered in March this year, and it is one of the most unusual animals known to man.

This crab has been given the name yeti crab, and scientists still don’t know the reason for the mysterious hairs. It shows that there are many more unusual animals which have not yet been discovered. You never know, we might find a flying reindeer one day.


2 thoughts on “Flying reindeer

  1. I know an animal like the yeti crab.

    It’s a hairy crab.

    We often boil it and eat it.

    It’s very tasty!

    But it’s more expensive than another kind of crab.


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