Silent night, holey sock

Went with my family to a very pleasant Christmas party with some other families at a community centre in Yaizu City. Near the end of the party was the time for Santa to arrive and deliver gifts to all the children, and I was Santa!

Before Santa’s arrival there had been lots of really delicious dishes to eat, a few party games and, of course, the Christmas songs. Everyone was singing, ‘Silent night, holy night,’ when I suddenly realised that it wasn’t a holy night, it was a holey sock.

Inside the community centre everyone had to take off their shoes. There were some green slippers, but my feet are much too big so I didn’t bother. But during the song I looked down at my foot and saw a hole in my sock. It wasn’t a big hole, but it was a hole, and anyone could see.

I couldn’t waste time worrying about it since I was just about to change into the Santa suit. So I quietly left the room and got changed in a private room. I put some cushions round my waist to look plump, and wore some white gloves and some dark glasses so none of the children, including my own, would recognise me, but there was still that hole in my sock.

I thought I would try to wear a pair of green slippers when I entered the party-room, but someone asked me to enter by a side door to surprise the children, so no chance of any slippers.

It was very enjoyable to be Santa, watching all the smiles on the childen’s faces, and the excitement in their eyes. I gave a gift (bought by the parents) to every child, and by chance my daughter was last. And she saw the hole! And she knew it was me. Fortunately she didn’t say anything so none of the other children knew, but she told my young son later, so now he knows too.

So if anyone ever asks you to be Santa make sure you check your socks.

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