I'm melting
I'm melting

A snowman is man-like figure made from balls of snow. The image of a snowman is connected with Christmas in Western culture. Building a snowman is a popular winter activity for children. There are many styles of snowmen across different cultures.

A snowman can be made by rolling a large ball of snow for its body. A second (and often a third), smaller ball is placed on top, as its head. Eyes and a mouth, are added using coal, small stones, or buttons. A nose may be added, using a piece of fruit or a vegetable, such as a carrot (but no bananas please!); sticks are sometimes added as arms. And snowmen often are given a pipe and a hat.

In the United Kingdom and Japan snowmen are usually built with two balls of snow, whereas in the United States the ‘three-ball method,’ is much more popular.

But there is no snow round here. I wonder if people build snowmen on Mt Fuji?

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