Trafalgar Square

Another view of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square in the heart Of London, UK.

Please click the picture for a bigger version. You might even be able to see a Union Jack painted onto Nelson’s hat, and a small red light too.

The Shard, view from above

This is the building known as the Shard, and below is the definition of the word shard.

shard [ʃɑːd], sherd
1. a broken piece or fragment of a brittle substance, esp of pottery
2. (Zoology) a tough sheath, scale, or shell, esp the elytra of a beetle.

The Shard, which is in the centre of London at over 300m is now the tallest building in Europe. However it is dwarfed by buildings in America, the Far East and the Middle East. I guess its name is apt.

Images showing how the Shard will appear at di...

2012 Olympic Stadium, view from above

It will soon be Olympic year, and the next Olympics will be in London. The Olympic stadium has been completed and now all that remains is the landscaping around the Olympic Park.

A great deal of money and resources has been spent on the Olympics, and it is hoped that the legacy is wisely and widely used.

Aerial view of the Olympic Park, London
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