Football / Cricket / Rugby, part 2

In a previous post on September 10th, Football/Cricket/Rugby, I mentioned that it is very unusual for England to be playing her three main sports on the same day. On this day England won all three games which made it a unique occasion.

Well yesterday was another unusual day and England played all three sports again. In football England played Estonia in the European Championships and won easily 3-0. In rugby England played France in the World Cup and just won 14-9. But in the cricket England played Sri Lanka and lost heavily. So the situation was not quite repeated, well done Sri Lanka!


Football / Cricket / Rugby

The main three sports played in England are football, cricket and rugby (and none of them are in the Olympics!).

On Saturday there was the very rare situation when England played all three sports in competitive games on the same day.  And in addition England won all three games; I can never remember this happening before.

In football England beat Israel 3-o in the European Championships. In cricket England beat India to win the series. And in rugby England beat the USA 28-10 in the World Cup.