Funny story: swim

We were looking at a few verbs today, like ‘take, took, taken’ and ‘drink, drank, drunk’, and one of my students suddenly said ‘swim, swim, swimming’! And it made me think. Why are English verbs so difficult? If my students answer was the real answer then it would be so much easier.

BTW the answer is ‘swim, swam, swum’, unfortunately.

And here's a nice picture of an octopus swimming

Funny story: English homework

One of my friends is an English teacher at a university, and this is what happened.

My friend teaches a basic level English class. One day he was collecting homework. The students had to write a short report about a foreign country.

One girl’s report was about France and it was absolutely perfect. It was beautifully written and there were no grammar or spelling mistakes. My friend was amazed because this particular student rarely spoke in class and was always looking bored. So he decided to ask the student some straight questions:

“Have you ever been to France?” “No”

“Have you studied French?” “No”

“Did you copy this report?” “No”

“Is this all your own English?” “Yes”

“Why is your report in French?” (silent shock!)

Funny story: glasses disaster

As I was carefully taking my 98yen glasses from my 105yen glasses case at the start of my first class today there was a disaster. I broke my glasses into two pieces!

In my right hand was the right side of the frame, and in my left hand was the left side of the frame with the lenses and bridge. The students screamed and I was stunned. Even though I don’t like my glasses I suddenly realized how much I need them.

I tried to repair them but of course I couldn’t see clearly enough, so the students helped me. One student found an important screw and another student put the two pieces together with this screw. She used her fingernail to tighten the screw (now I know why we have fingernails) and, when she returned the repaired glasses, she asked if I could pay her 10,000yen! Well, this kind of money could buy all the glasses in the 100yen shop.

I didn’t have 10,000yen in my wallet but I remembered that I had a 1 cent coin. I don’t know where it came from, possibly the last time I went to the US in 2001. Anyway I asked the student if she would accept 1c and she kindly said she would.

So my glasses are now OK again, though I fear they may break again soon.