Hanging cloud

After typhoon has passed through there are often some strange weather effects left behind.

This rare hanging cloud was seen close to Mt Fuji, Japan the day after a strong typhoon had passed by.

The position of Mount Fuji is indicated by a y...

Sahara clouds

Like giant snowflakes

Even though it rarely rains in the Sahara Desert there are sometimes clouds, lots of small, wispy clouds, which form an amazing layer over the sand dunes.

Morning Glory, a 1,000km cloud

Sweers Island, Australia

This incredible cloud formation is known as Morning Glory. It is usually only seen in the early morning and disappears when the sun gets warmer later in the day.

This usually occurs in October or November

These photos were taken from Sweers Island in northern Australia, which is the most popular place to view these clouds, but they can also occur in some other places around the world, there was even one seen in Scotland.

Cloud surfing

Perhaps the best view is from above the cloud. Because of hot air rising from the cloud it is even possible to ‘surf’ the cloud.

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