Baby cheetah


Born in a zoo

A cheetah is the fastest land animal, and can run at speeds of about 110kph, accelerating to this speed in as little as 3 seconds, which is a faster acceleration than most sportscars.

This baby cheetah was born in a zoo and will probably not get the chance to run.

Baby Francois’ Langur Monkey

An endangered species

This endangered animal, Francois’ Langur Monkey, is found in the jungles of south China and north Vietnam. It is thought that there are about 2/3,000 animals in the wild.

There are also about 500 of these monkeys in zoos around the world and the baby in the picture was born in one of these zoos.

Baby Turtles

They will never know their parents

These are newly-born turtles on Rushikulya beach in the Ganjam district of India.

Somehow they know which way to go to get to the sea, and they have to get there quick.