Reinvardts tree frog

Reinvardts tree frogNo wonder it took a long time before it was discovered, Reinvardt’s tree frog is tiny.


Black frog

The frog may seem to be nothing special, but in reality there are so many different varieties, and even the oil from the skin of some frogs is now being used for medical purposes.

Here is a black frog, Oreophrynella quelchii, which can be found in the jungles of Venezuela.

The world’s smallest vertebrate?

It’s only 7mm long, this newly-found frog from Papua New Guinea.

It is almost certainly the smallest amphibian known to man, but it is also possibly smaller than any fish, making it the world’s smallest known vertebrate.

Papua new guinea
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Micro frog

Its tadpole must be minute

Frogs are amphibians and are able to live both underwater and on land. In order to do this they have very special skin; the skin of the frog produces a kind of oil for protection, as an ointment, in fact for many reasons.

This oil contains some very interesting and rare chemicals, some of which have been used for medical purposes.

This micro frog was recently found in Indonesia, on the island of Borneo. Even though it is small it makes a loud croak (that’s how it was found).

Frogs are very important animals.