Condor in Golf

We all know about about the golf term birdie, one under par for a hole, eagle, two under, and even albatross, 3 under. As would be expected birdies can happen all the time, eagles are less frequent, and an albatross is a rare event, not occurring in most tournaments. But what about 4 under par for one hole? This would be a condor.

To date this has never happened in a professional golf event. It would either have to be a hole-in-one on a par 5 hole, or a two on a par 6 hole. Even in these days of massive drives from the tee, it’s very hard to imagine anyone driving the distance required for a par 5 hole. A two stroke finish on a par 6 is equally incomprehensible, especially given the rarity of par 6 holes (most courses don’t have any).

So we await the first momentous condor in professional golf; my prediction is a hole-in-one on a dogleg par 5.

However, is there a name for 5 under par for one hole? No. Well there should be, because that is what I scored the other day. Admittedly it wasn’t in a pro tournament, in fact it wasn’t in any kind of tournament, and it wasn’t on a real golf course. It was on one of these crazy golf courses. Somehow I contrived to get a hole-in-one on a par 6. I just slammed the ball (with a putter), through two hedges, then it bounced on a sharp rock up into the air, hit the flagpole, and rolled down the pole into the cup, voila!

So what bird’s name can I use? I think I’m going flightless, so an emu is my choice.

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