Football : Video Judge

It’s inevitable that video judging in football matches will eventually be mandatory. But it’s going to take something drastic to trigger any action from FIFA or UEFA.

Imagine this scenario. Fast forward to the last day of matches this season. The title is between Leicester City and Manchester City. They are both level on points but Man City have a better goal difference by a solitary goal.

But they are not playing each other. Leicester’s game has ended in a 1-0 victory for Leicester, but Man City’s game is still on, a goalless draw. It’s the final minute of added time, and a Man City player tumbles in the penalty area, a penalty is awarded. The opposition are livid. A draw would be enough for them to escape relegation, defeat would send them down.

TV replays show that it was a blatant dive by the Man City player. The replays are not shown at the ground but the management of both teams have seen the TV replays, and many of the spectators too, on their tablet computers. Twitter is buzzing. The ref has been told it’s a dive, but he is powerless. Man City score the penalty, the last kick of the game, win the championship, and Leicester, who have never won it, and who probably never will, are denied. And Man City’s opponents are relegated.

If this were to happen video judgements would be in place by the start of the following season.

Rugby and cricket have managed to incorporate video judgements, and football is still in the dark ages. Is not technology a tool for helping ensure a fair result?

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