Blue Mountains

Blue MountainsIf you want to know why the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia (not far from Sydney) are called the blue mountains just look at the photo above.

Apparently small particles, from the eucalyptus oil that rises in the air from all those millions of eucalyptus trees, break up the sunlight and leave us with the blue end of the spectrum.

Beetroot Sandwich

SandwichActually, the description beetroot sandwich doesn’t do this gem justice. For a start the bread is a marvelous Italian concoction. In addition to the beetroot is a slice of chicken and a slice of Italian ham, and there is also a slice of cheese hiding below on a small bed of lettuce and tomato.

But the best bit is that there is no butter nor margarine, no pickle, no mustard, no chutney, in fact no dressing of any type; nothing extra is needed when a sandwich is this good.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Why is Vincent van Gogh‘s painting of a vase of sunflowers always being sold at auction for mind-boggling sums? One reason is that it seems to have captured the imagination, that intangible quality often referred to as the X-factor.

Another reason is that there are lots of versions. Here are three.

SunflowersI guess van Gogh liked painting sunflowers, or perhaps he wasn’t satisfied and just kept on trying till he got something he liked.