Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape, Munch, 1915Edward Munch did not only paint the masterpiece ‘The Scream’. Winter Landscape was another of his compositions. It looks like he only used a few hues from his palette, but the rocky crags, the icy snow, the distant clouds, the setting sun on the cold, placid lake, all blend together. And what about the balance he finds between land, water and sky, another masterpiece?

Kangaroo burger

Kangaroo burgerThis is not your average burger. Firstly it is made with real bread, not the soft, sweet stuff that masquerades as a burger bun. Secondly it contains freshly cut local vegetables. Thirdly the meat is kangaroo, lean and wholesome (tastes closest to venison in my opinion). And lastly there is the volume, so much so that it needs a wooden skewer to keep it pinned in place.

All in all, a very satisfying meal.