The Hunters in the Snow, Art

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like art.

But I must confess I shudder at the huge sums that art can be sold for. However I suppose I should respect the law of supply and demand (after all an original painting is by definition unique), and I should also respect an individual’s right to spend their money as they wish.

I appreciate art comes in many forms, though still I’m bewildered how someone applying paint to a canvas by means of splattered bicycle tracks can be considered art. But that’s another story, much better to focus on what I like.

I like this.

Hunters in the Snow, Breugel
The Hunters in the Snow, Pieter Breugel

Another confession, I am no art connoisseur, though I like art to tell me something, to inform me, to transmit, to grip me more deeply than the “Oh, that’s nice,” reaction. I’m looking for Oh that’s nice plus alpha.

This painting does that. It certainly tingles me at first sight, and there’s more. It has a foreground and a background; it tells me of the times (circa 1565). I like the hues too. Has the paint faded over the centuries? I don’t know, but the dark pastel shades of the 16th century are in sharp contrast with the in-your-face poster colors of today.

Pieter Breugel was a Flemish peasant; if he were alive today he would be a Belgian millionaire.

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