Why flowers?

“Flowers? For me? How lovely! I love flowers. Thank you so much.”

We all like flowers, don’t we? I do. I’ve received them and offered gushing thanks, and I’ve given them as symbols of affection, admiration, celebration and condolence.

I recently received a potted plant. I can’t remember why, but I can recall that I wasn’t so ecstatic about it. After all I would now have spend time and energy, not to mention expense, to care for this plant, which was not the kind I would ever have chosen. I would rather have received flowers that would wither and die in a few days

Wither and die in a few days? What was I thinking? How can withering and dying be a symbol of affection?

Dead rose

Well, for me no more. Cut flowers are dead flowers. I’m leaving them on plants. I’m not giving anyone any dead flowers anymore. And, unless specifically requested, I won’t be giving anyone any potted plants either.

Instead I’ll give chocolates, coffee, candy, fruit etc. Hang on, aren’t these dead plant material too? Oh, but this is different …

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