Quotations: FIFA

“We need a different FIFA,” he said, “More democratic, more respected, which behaves better and which does more.”

Who said it? Jerome Champagne, potential candidate for the next FIFA presidency. This was said a few days ago. In these days of soundbites and tweets these brief sentences encapsulate what is allegedly wrong with football’s governing body, FIFA.

Jerome Champagne

And frankly I agree with it. But even though the content strikes right at the heart of football’s troubles, how banal and unmemorable is this statement? Admittedly M Champagne has already received support from the most famous name in football ever, Pele, but I think his script could do with a few rhetorical tricks.

I am no professional soundbite writer, but off the top of my head, how about this:

“Do we not need a new direction? More democracy, more respect, better behaviour, and actual action.”

2 thoughts on “Quotations: FIFA

    • Regarding the orange card for sin-bins: I am not usually one for radical changes (they often throw up more new problems than they solve), but I too agree with this, and I will write a post on it soon.


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