Solio, private game reserve, Kenya

Solio Private Reserve, KenyaA rhino in the mist. This is a scene in the private game reserve, Solio, in Kenya.

I’m not sure what a private game reserve is, another place only for the rich and famous?


Four consecutive double letters in one word


It is common practice with the plural possessive form to drop the final s, but if one opts to retain it the result is four consecutive double letters in one word (Please tell me I am not the first to come up with this!).

The other popular word with three consecutive double letters, bookkeeper, can also be found in this form, ie bookkeepers’s, but of course in this case the four double letters are not consecutive, although I have seen subbookkeeper, but I am not sure if this is a true word. Or you could even go one further and haveĀ  five consecutive double letters with subbookkeepperson, though I am sure this manufactured word does not really exist (except here!).