Giant Redwood / Sequoia Trees

There are tall trees, there are taller trees and there are the tallest trees, and these are the Giant Redwood trees of California, also known as sequoia trees. Some are over 100m in height.

Giant Sequoia in Redwood Canyon glowing in aft...



2 thoughts on “Giant Redwood / Sequoia Trees

  1. Sequoia trees (for which the groves are on the western slopes of the Sierra in Central California) and Redwood trees (which grow at the extreme northern end of the California coast) are distinctly separate species. One species is notable for being the largest trees on Earth, the other known for being the tallest.

    FYI, It appears as though you’re stating stats for one (only Redwoods are taller than 100m), but your photo is of a Sequoia.


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