World’s Tiniest Puppy

It was the last one of the litter to be born, and was not expected to survive, but it did.

This is thought to be the world’s tiniest puppy dog, and as you can see it fits snugly into a paper cup. It’s name is Beyonce.


Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in alignment

It may look like a nice, starry night scene, but these celestial bodies are much closer than regular stars.

From left to right they are Jupiter, Venus and the Moon in almost perfect alignment. Of course they are not really in a straight line, but it appears that way to us.

So, not a starry night, more like a planety night.

New Van Gogh painting

Actually it’s not new, but newly authenticated. This Van Gogh painting was recently confirmed as a real Van Gogh. There was a lot of doubt at first, but on close inspection a painting was found under this one which could be comfortably attributed to Vincent Van Gogh.

Self-Portrait, Spring 1887, Oil on pasteboard,...

Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night. Oil on can...

Vincent van Gogh: Irises (1890)