2012 London Olympics

As we enter the last day of 2011 it is perhaps timely to look ahead to 2012.

One of the big events coming our way is the 2012 London Olympics. Here are a few photos of the Olympic site.

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A London Underground train decorated to promot...
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London 2012 banner at The Monument.
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Lenticular clouds

This is not the kind of cloud formation that we see when we look into the skies every day.

These are lenticular clouds and they were recently seen hovering over Yorkshire in the UK.

And here are some other examples:

English: Lenticular cloud formation. Photo tak...
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A large circular cloud (Altocumulus lenticular...
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English: A lenticular cloud being overlooked f...
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2012 Olympic Stadium, view from above

It will soon be Olympic year, and the next Olympics will be in London. The Olympic stadium has been completed and now all that remains is the landscaping around the Olympic Park.

A great deal of money and resources has been spent on the Olympics, and it is hoped that the legacy is wisely and widely used.

Aerial view of the Olympic Park, London
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