Solar Panels

Is this the answer?

These solar panels are covering about 50 hectares of the hills of Les Mees in France.

3 thoughts on “Solar Panels

  1. I worked there and helped to commission parts of the park…unfortunately, the local residents were not happy with the solar park because of the trucks bombing through their small villages and the loss of lavendel fiels and nature. For that, some of them even yelled at us.
    After twenty years, when the panels’ lifetime is expired, they will not be renewed. Instead the plateau will me renaturated.


  2. 50hectares! I don’t know exactly how large it is, but it sounds very extensive!
    I wish my country also had that kind of thing.


    • It is a huge amount of land, but if we need to reduce our dependence on nuclear power then we will have to get used to this kind of scenery.


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