Quick Quiz XXXIX

This is not a trick question

What kind of animal is this?

2 thoughts on “Quick Quiz XXXIX

  1. Please, tell me. I’m 70 years old. It is 2:22 in the morning – a Monday morning. I thought it was an owl, but you said animal. I would like to go to sleep, but you know old people (I’m really NOT old, just pretending . . . fools my family most of the time), I’ll stay awake, mulling it over in my mind, going back to the photo to look at it again – in the larger side, which I downloaded, because I do want to see more of your photos, but don’t want to have to keep going back to this particular page to see it, and I feel you are serious about this being a trick question. So it must be an animal and not the bird I think it is. So. What is it?


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