Revenge of the red apple


The apple bites back

What a great photo!

This was designed and taken by Bernard Heberle, the top patissier in Shizuoka prefecture.

It can also been seen on the Shizuoka Gourmet weblog, well worth a visit.

AC Milan 0-1 Spurs


Crouch scores the only goal

I can hardly believe it. Spurs are competing with the big boys. This time it’s the most powerful team in Italy, AC Milan, in the UEFA Champions League.

Crouch (England) scored the only goal of the game to give Spurs victory away from home. But Spurs are not through to the last 8, there is the return match to be played at Spurs’ home ground.

La Lecture by Picasso


It’s good, but is it really worth it?

The value of something is equal to what someone else is willing to pay.

This painting by Picasso was sold at auction a few days ago for about 40 million dollars. This is the same as the combined life earnings of about 100 people (before tax) in the Western world. In a poor country it is probably more than 1,000 people (or families).

Starry, starry night

Millions of stars

In cities this kind of view of the night sky is impossible, there are so many lights from the roads and buildings which prevent us from seeing all the stars.

This is the kind of night-time view we could have if we lived away from the city.

Road ends here


Tully, Queensland, Australia

They look like toy cars don’t they?

But they are not. They’re real. This is the effect of a cyclone which hit Tully, Queensland yesterday.