Does Santa exist?

The Examination and Trial of Father Christmas,...
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There are probably no young children who read this blog, so I am sure the title is not a shock to you. I read a report recently which now proves that Santa can’t exist and it gives all the reasons.

Firstly reindeer can’t fly. But humans don’t know everything so there is a very very small chance that a flying reindeer exists, only we haven’t yet discovered it.

Secondly there are about 378,000,000 (378 million) Christian children in the world. If there are 3.5 children in each house then Santa needs to visit about 92,000,000 (92 million) homes. If Santa flies from east to west he has about 31 hours to deliver the gifts. This means he must visit about 800 homes every second. So he jumps down the chimney, puts a present in each stocking, eats a snack, and gets back up the chimney and into the sleigh in about 0.001 seconds. And Santa is overweight!

Thirdly there is the speed of Santa’s sleigh. Santa needs to travel about 1 hundred million (100,000,000) kilometres in 31 hours, which is a speed of about 1,000 kilometres every second. The fastest speed for any man-made vehicle is about 30 km per second (the Ulysees space probe), so this speed is much much faster than anything we now know.

Fourthly is the weight of the presents. If every child gets a small size present then the sleigh would have to carry about 300,000 tons, and would need about 200,000 reindeer to pull the sleigh. The total weight of the presents, the reindeer and of course Santa would be about the same as 4 cruise ships, and the amount of power needed to make this fly is too huge to calculate.

Lastly 300,000 tons travelling at 1,000 km per second would heat up the reindeer so quickly that they would catch fire and burn in about 0.004 seconds, and so would Santa.

So, if Santa exists, he is killed less than a second after his sleigh starts to move. I hope this doesn’t spoil your Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Does Santa exist?

  1. It gets better. Santa does not deliver presents to only Christians or only children. Christmas is really the Winter Solstice, which everyone on Earth experiences, so everyone can expect a present. Now just think of what will happen when we colonize other worlds in the solar system. Santa will be flying to Mars, the Moon, maybe even Europa and Titan!


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