Inter Milan 4-3 Spurs


Zanetti scores the first goal in the first minute

Spurs played against the European champions Inter Milan, and even though the final score was 4-3 Spurs were well beaten. Spurs goalkeeper got a red card and they played most of the game with 10 players.

But Spurs did play well, and Bale (Wales) scored all three goals. His first goal was one of the best goals of the season.

Spurs are certainly not finished, and they still have a chance to qualify from their group.

2 thoughts on “Inter Milan 4-3 Spurs

  1. Three individual goals from Bale saved Harry Redknapp’s blushes. Outpassed, outthought, outplayed, Rafa is far better coach. ‘Arry has made a lot of enemies lately for his idiotic comments about Liverpool. Although I was happy to see Spurs finish above City I hope that doesn’t happen again and they get knocked out in the group stages.


    • Thanks Marc. The scoreline didn’t appear to reflect the true difference between the sides, though playing for most of the game with one short against the European champions away from home would probably result in any team being outplayed.


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