Richmond Park

In the west of London

This wonderful park covers a huge area. It would take about three hours to walk around the outside of Richmond Park, and you can easily get lost in the centre.

The UK’s biggest animal , the Red Deer, lives freely in this park, there are hundreds of them.

Inter Milan 4-3 Spurs


Zanetti scores the first goal in the first minute

Spurs played against the European champions Inter Milan, and even though the final score was 4-3 Spurs were well beaten. Spurs goalkeeper got a red card and they played most of the game with 10 players.

But Spurs did play well, and Bale (Wales) scored all three goals. His first goal was one of the best goals of the season.

Spurs are certainly not finished, and they still have a chance to qualify from their group.

Spurs 4-1 FC Twente (Holland)

This was a very special game for my favourite football team, Tottenham (nickname Spurs). It was their first home game in the top European competition since 1962, 48 years ago!

And they won. The goalscorers were van der Vaart (Holland), Pavlyuchenko 2 pk (Russia) and Bale (Wales).

Rafael van der Vaart, missed a pk, scored a goal, got a red card.

The score of 4-1 seems like an easy win, but it wasn’t. The penalty kicks were a little lucky and FC Twente played very well. Spurs will need more luck when they play the European champions, Inter Milan.