Wind farm

Eyesore or necessity?

This wind farm has just opened near the coast of England. This will provide enough power for a small town.

It is not free power. There is the cost of the turbines and their maintenance, and the salaries of the workers, but it is much cheaper than other power sources and there is very little pollution.

However it spoils the view. Should we put up with this inconvenience?


The silvery moon

The vista across the moon is usually known as a moonscape, though it has also been referred to as a lunain (lunar terrain).

It is grey and dusty. When they returned from their stay on the surface of the moon the astronauts wondered why we had to get our kicks out of artificial ‘toys’ like video games or theme parks, when the most beautiful thing was just outside our front door: nature.

Werder Bremen 2-2 Spurs

Champions' League logo
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Crouch scores with a header

This was Spurs first ever game in the European Champions’ League. They travelled to Werder Bremen (Germany) for a really tough game.

Spurs scored the first two goals, an own goal, and a header from Crouch (England) but Werder are an excellent team and they also scored twice so the match was drawn. A good start for Spurs, but they are in the same group as the European champions, Inter Milan, so it will get tougher.

Micro frog

Its tadpole must be minute

Frogs are amphibians and are able to live both underwater and on land. In order to do this they have very special skin; the skin of the frog produces a kind of oil for protection, as an ointment, in fact for many reasons.

This oil contains some very interesting and rare chemicals, some of which have been used for medical purposes.

This micro frog was recently found in Indonesia, on the island of Borneo. Even though it is small it makes a loud croak (that’s how it was found).

Frogs are very important animals.

Tajik yurt

Not a bad view from the living room

It’s not only Mongolia where yurts can be found. This one is in a village in Tajikistan. And it is more than 150 years old. I can’t believe that the outer walls haven’t been replaced numerous times, but it has been positioned in the same place all this time.

The temperature dips to -50C in the depths of winter so the yurt must have excellent insulation.