Hakone Ropeway

Altitude about 1,000m

Went on a short trip to the Hakone region, a small mountain range near to Mt Fuji.

A series of ropeways (or cable-cars) straddles the range and gives some spectacular views. You can even see Lake Ashino in the top left of the picture.


Spurs 4-0 Young Boys (6-3)

Club emblem 2006 - Present
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My favourite soccer team Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) beat Young Boys of Bern, Switzerland 4-0 last night, but the important numbers are 6-3, which is the aggregate score including the first game which Young Boys won 3-2.

The goalscorers were Crouch (England) 3, and Defoe (England).

So Spurs qualify for the European Champions League, which not only is the greatest football competition, it is also the the richest, so Spurs will make a lot of money.

Young Boys 3-2 Spurs

An important goal from Pav

My favourite soccer team Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) is back in a European competition. This time it is not the UEFA Cup, it is the Champions League, the big one. It is the first time for Spurs to be in this competition since 1961 when it was simply called the European Cup, 50 years ago!

Spurs first match in Champions League qualifying was last week against Young Boys (Switzerland). By the way Young Boys are not young boys, they are an excellent football team and they have a big advantage, their home pitch is not grass, it is an artificial surface.

Spurs have rarely played on such a surface and were 3-0 down after only 30 minutes. It could have been the end of Spurs return to Europe, but Spurs battled back and scored two goals from Bassong (France) and Pavlyuchenko (Russia).

So Spurs lost, but they only lost by one goal. The return game at Spurs home ground will be on Wednesday. Spurs need to win, but they are playing pretty well at the moment so there is some hope.