Marine plants

This is a picture of what is in sea water: billions of small plants known as phytoplankton.

These phytoplankton are responsible for producing about half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, and also for reducing the level of carbon dioxide (CO2),

In addition they provide food for tiny marine animals, known as zooplankton, at the start of the food chain.

Global warming is reducing the number of phytoplankton at a fast rate.

Plastiki, plastic boat

To raise environmental awareness

From San Francisco to Sydney is about 15,000km, and it is a long way for any ship.

But for a boat made from plastic bottles this journey is a real adventure. It took about 5 months to complete the trip and the owner of the boat hopes to raise awareness that using plastic bottles (one time only) is such a waste of resources.

Black Hole’s Bubble

We are looking at history

This is a gas bubble shooting from a black hole. It may not seem a very big bubble, but it is about 1,000 light years from end to end. And one light year is the distance that a beam of light travels in one year, ie very very far.

So what we can see happened a long time ago, it’s like looking at history.

Solar eclipse

Taken from Easter Island, Chile

Probably for the first time in history hundreds of people are in Easter Island and they are not interested in the Moai.

It is the solar eclipse that they want to photograph.

Gandam at Higashi Shizuoka

This is just a model, the real one is even bigger!

Some of you have probably seen this hige model of Gandam at Higashi Shizuoka station.

But I have a question: why is the station called Higashi (east) Shizuoka when it is in the west side of Shizuoka?

Wimbledon, my hometown

A backhand volley from Nadal

How to play a backhand volley.

This is Rafael Nadal playing in the men’s final at Wimbledon today. He hasn’t won yet, but I am sure he will!

Wimbledon is my hometown. It’s very strange to see your hometown on TV every day for two weeks.

Lightning strikes the Acropolis

Does it have an ancient lightning conductor?

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece was the place from where the ancient Greeks used to make the decisions that affected most of Europe.

I guess that lightning has struck it on many occasions, does it have an ancient lightning conductor?

And if you like lightning photos, here is one hitting the CN Tower, here is one hitting the Eiffel Tower, and here is one hitting the Space Shuttle on the launchpad.