Lungless Frog

Is it an amphibian?

This new species of frog was recently discovered on the island of Borneo.

But I thought frogs, like other amphibians can breathe both in water and in air. However this frog has no lungs, so how does it breathe in air?

If anyone out there knows, please tell.

4 thoughts on “Lungless Frog

  1. Lungless salamanders (such as the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculata) of North America) and frogs breathe air through their skin. In fact, all frogs carry out up to 70% of their gas exchange through their skin because the lungs are not capable of doing the job.


    • Thanks Allblueheron for the information. Does that mean that oxygen passes directly through the skin to the blood (and I guess this means that CO2 passes in the opposite direction)?


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