For many people the name Daddy-Long-Legs is the nickname given to an animal. In many cases it is the crane fly, an insect with (as you might imagine) very long, thin legs. In some other parts of the world it may be a spider with long legs, and in some places it is a harvestman.


A harvestman is neither an insect nor a spider. It has eight legs and no wings so is more similar to a spider, but it has only one body part (a spider has two, and an insect three).

Korean escalator

I wish all escalators were like this

This is an escalator in the Korean pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai.

If the escalator is this colorful the rest of the pavilion must be out of this world.

Baby Francois’ Langur Monkey

An endangered species

This endangered animal, Francois’ Langur Monkey, is found in the jungles of south China and north Vietnam. It is thought that there are about 2/3,000 animals in the wild.

There are also about 500 of these monkeys in zoos around the world and the baby in the picture was born in one of these zoos.

New species of frog

Recently found in Papua New Guinea

There are about 5,000 species of frogs which we know about. But there are many that we still haven’t discovered.

This is a photo of a new species of frog, recently seen in Papua New Guinea; in fact it is so new that it doesn’t yet have a name.


A flower beginning with 'C'

When asked to name a flower beginning with ‘C’ one of my students could have said ‘carnation’ or ‘crocus’ or even ‘camomile’, but instead he chose to answer ‘casablanca’

I know Casablanca is one of the main cities of Morocco, and I know it is a Spanish word meaning ‘white house’ (or house white), but I never knew it was a flower.

The student then proceeded to show me a picture of this flower on his mobile phone, and what a beautiful flower it is too.

Baby Turtles

They will never know their parents

These are newly-born turtles on Rushikulya beach in the Ganjam district of India.

Somehow they know which way to go to get to the sea, and they have to get there quick.

Tall ships

Bob Allen on the left, Caroline Allen on the right

The world’s largest operational tall ships sailed up the Thames in central London a few days ago.

It almost looks like a scene from a hundred years ago.

Lungless Frog

Is it an amphibian?

This new species of frog was recently discovered on the island of Borneo.

But I thought frogs, like other amphibians can breathe both in water and in air. However this frog has no lungs, so how does it breathe in air?

If anyone out there knows, please tell.