Tea time in Shizuoka


The new season’s green tea is now available in Shizuoka, the main growing area in Japan.

And what a great photo, taken by my friend dragonlife.

You can see the full story on the Shizuoka gourmet blog.


This photo is from NASA

Haven’t seen much of the thing in this photo recently. At the moment it is being photographed by a special NASA explorer, and photos like this one are able to provide a new view of our energy source.

By the way it would take about 1 million Earths to fill the sun.

Volcano in Iceland

The ash comes straight out of the ice

A volcano in a glacier in Iceland has closed many airports in North Europe.

The ash from the volcano contains sand, small rocks and also glass particles which could easily cause damage to aircraft engines.


50th anniversary

On April 21st 1960 the city of Brasilia was finished. It took three years to build this new city, and it immediately became the capital of Brazil. It is now a World Heritage site.

Sahara clouds

Like giant snowflakes

Even though it rarely rains in the Sahara Desert there are sometimes clouds, lots of small, wispy clouds, which form an amazing layer over the sand dunes.