Stone spheres

Stone spheres

These spheres are found in Costa Rica, and they may become a Unesco World Heritage Site in the future.

No-one knows for sure how or why they were made, but it can be seen that they are incredibly round and the work of a master stone-mason or two.

Lights off in Giza

Lights off

As part of Earth Day many places around the world turned their lights off.

This is what the Sphinx and Pyramids at Giza, Egypt should look like at night.

Lights on

Kingfisher photo

It's there

After years of trying I finally managed to get a photo of a kingfisher along the Mariko River near to my house.

These birds do not sit for long in the same place. By the way, did you know that a kingfisher can only move by flying, it cannot walk!

Mars’ moon Phobos

Another moon

We use the term ‘the moon’ to describe the rock that circles the Earth.

But it is not the only moon. Most planets have a rock (or two or three, or more).

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. ESA (European Space Agency) has a spacecraft which is now passing close to Phobos and it has taken some fantastic pictures.

Phobos is quite small and is not round, and each year it is pulled slightly closer to Mars. It is thought that it may hit Mars one day and cause an enormous explosion, in about 50 million years.

The Earth is blue

This is a NASA photo

The Earth is blue, and green, and yellow and is covered by white clouds.

This great photo from NASA (which is actually many many photos mixed together) shows our beautiful planet, and the view that any alien would see (if their eyesight is similar to ours!).