Racecourse with a pool

Dubai racecourse

It has to be Dubai.

After opening the world’s tallest building, Dubai has now opened the world’s most modern racecourse. Not only does it have a futuristic design, it also includes a hotel and an outdoor swimming pool, from where you can see the races.


The man with the thing

If you are into this kind of thing then you are probably interested in the new tablet PC/eBook/iPod, which the boss of Apple, Steve Jobs, displayed earlier today: the iPad

For those of you who understand the details here you are:

1 GHz Apple processor
16-64 GB of flash memory
0.5in- (1.25cm) thick
Weighs 1.5lbs (0.7kgs)
Wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G connectivity
Speaker, microphone
Accelerometer, compass

And here are some more iPads.


Burj Khalifa

The world's highest building

At more than 800m in height the Burj Khalifa dwarfs other skyscrapers.

Official opening day was yesterday

This huge building is in Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates.