Morning Glory again

Like waves in the sky

A few days ago I posted a few photos of morning glory cloud formations, and a student asked me if they came only one at a time.

So I found this photo which shows that there may be many together, like waves in the sky.

4 thoughts on “Morning Glory again

  1. How did you feel about the draw?

    I think Japan is very difficulte to go to the nock-out stage. Maybe three stright lose …

    It’s very intersting for England to face against the U.S. It could be a nice historical game.
    Of course, England absorutely could be first place.

    Brazil vs Portugal will be a very nice game too.
    France has too much fortune!!


    • I don’t think Japan can qualify from such a strong group. Maybe their only chance is if every team wins one game, draws one game, and loses one game, and the qualifiers are chosen by goals scored.


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