UK map

The UK population is about 61m

In one of my classes today we studied a little about the UK, so here is a nice colour map for you to download and print.


9 thoughts on “UK map

  1. C’mon man, useless that map is. As already been told – where’s Birmingham? (2nd biggest!!)
    I wonder where did you get this map (sorry for map) from?


  2. You could do with putting in major cities instead of minor ones; eg. it makes NO sense to make Barnsley there instead of Sheffield, and to not have Birmingham – the 2nd biggest city in the UK!


    • Betsy, thanks so much for the information.
      As far as Birmingham, I must admit that you are absolutely right, and it should be included. Unfortunately I am not able to change this particular map, but any future map will definitely include the UK’s second largest city.
      Regarding Barnsley v Sheffield: Barnsley gets the nod because it houses the South Yorkshire Joint Secretariat, which I believe makes it the nearest thing to a county town.
      There are probably several more instances where a major city is excluded at the expense of a smaller city for the same reason.
      Nevertheless I certainly take your points and will take more care in the future.


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