Baby Pangolin

Many animals have a special name for their baby or young, for example a baby dog is a puppy.

But I know of no such name for this animal so I guess I should just say baby pangolin.

Nicely held
Nicely held

A pangolin mainly eats ants, and is often to be found in trees. It is in an animal group of its own, and it’s nearest ‘relatives’ are anteaters and armadillos.

4 thoughts on “Baby Pangolin

    • Thank you for your comment Linn.
      Unfortunately one of the ‘benefits’ of the pangolin is to provide meat. Another is that it also used for medicinal purposes and some cultures also use the scaly skin for making bags, wallets and accessories.
      But, since this is a reasonably endangered species, I feel it is of more benefit in the circle of life, and in particular its efforts at keeping the ant and termite populations down to a balanced level.


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