Asia or Europe?

Yesterday the Japan football team qualified for the World Cup finals in South Africa in 2010. Japan became the first country to qualify, when they beat Uzbekistan 1-0 in Tashkent, in an Asian qualifying game. I do not want to say anything about the referee, except that he was disgraceful, congratulations to Japan.

At the same time England were also playing a European World Cup qualifying game. This game was against Kazakhstan (the ninth largest country in the world) in the city of Almaty, and England won 4-0.

Can you see the cities of Almaty and Tashkent on this map?

Tashkent is west of Almaty!
Tashkent is west of Almaty!

So where is Asia, and where is Europe? What is happening at Fifa?

And soon Japan will play their last Asian qualifying game in Australia!

2 thoughts on “Asia or Europe?

  1. Japan just played against Uzbekistan!
    All these countries are Asian, but there are some very special agreements!
    For example, the notorious ASTANA team taking part in the Tour de France!


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