Asperatus clouds

Have you ever seen clouds like this?
Have you ever seen clouds like this?

There are many different kind of cloud, but there are only three main groups, cirrus, stratus and cumulus.

This representation is not to scale
This representation is not to scale

This picture shows you the three types with one extra, a kind of cumulus cloud known as cumulo-nimbus.

Recently some scientists have said that the cloud in the top picture cannot be described by the three types, and it should have its own name.

They have called it asperatus, which is from Latin, meaning ‘to make rough’. And it sure looks rough! I wouldn’t like to be walking around without an umbrella under these clouds.

And if you want to see another picture of asperatus cloud here you are:

It looks beautiful in a photo.
It looks beautiful in a photo.

And there is another here.

11 thoughts on “Asperatus clouds

  1. ohhh….for sure, asperatus clouds are great… mean HAARP clouds?
    you think it’s great that our leaders are dumping chem trails over us in the sky?
    poisoning us with harmful chemicals that they drop from planes to interrupt natural weather patterns?
    you think it’s great that they cover up their senseless, cold blooded acts with little fluffy good meaning terms like “asperatus clouds?”
    we’re not little kids who can believe this and believe me, they’re not getting away with this, these pigs are going to get what they’re giving three fold, and I’m going to laugh when it’s going down


  2. it kills me that anyone will blame ANYTHING on climate change… yea, maybe its related to climate change, just like all those crazy hurricanes that we HAVENT been having that they said would be related to CO2?

    give me a break… they actually found that cloud seeding has something to do with this including… ready for this one… CLIMATE CHANGE SEEDING. so yea, blame urselves crazy gullible people.

    anyway, these arent dangerous and usually dont produce a storm


    • Thanks andy for your comment.
      Please let me know who ‘they’ are and I will provide a link so the many readers to this site can find out about climate change seeding.


  3. These are fantastic clouds! They are starting to look like those special effects clouds in those heavy CG effects movies.

    Is this a case where nature is imitating art?

    I’m curious though as to what weather or climate conditions allow these asperatus clouds to form. Could this by tied in to climate change?

    Maybe Martina’s comment of it having an “end of the world” ominous look might not be too far off the mark if this is related to increased GHG emissions. Eerily beautiful though.


    • It could well be tied to climate change.
      However I can’t believe that this cloud formation has suddenly appeared, it is probably simply occurring with more frequency recently.


  4. IT might look beautiful, but don´t u say you canot see it 2 – it´s scary as hell. Looks like end of the world was near. Even if I don´t think so…


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