Kiribati rush hour

How do you get to college/work?

By bus, by train, by car, by bike, by taxi (by helicopter?), or on foot.

The rush hour in Kiribati
Don't wear your Guccis

The commuter in the photo above travels to work on foot. He takes a short walk through the Pacific Ocean to  a neighbouring island, which is just to the right of this picture. This looks a little more relaxing than a Tokyo subway train.

Sitting on the fence

‘Sitting on the fence’ is an expression used about someone who does not make decision about something. They neither go one way nor the other, they sit in the middle, on the fence.

The great fence of New Zealand
The great fence of New Zealand

If you ever see this fence in Wanganui, New Zealand, don’t sit on it. Nobody will see you, and it might be very uncomfortable.