Chelsea 2-1 Everton

Frank Lampard scores the winner
Frank Lampard scores the winner

This is for my former student, Mr Chelsea. Congratulations!

2 thoughts on “Chelsea 2-1 Everton

  1. So Ancelotti is the new coach. I think that a few players will leave, maybe Deco, Kalou, Carvalho and Malouda, and some new players will join, maybe Pirlo, but he is 30!


  2. Thank you very much!! It was a nice game. Actualy, Barcelona is the champions league winner and Man.U is the premiership one. But Chelsea is the best team during this season because their maganer was changed and they had some possibilities to get some trophies every season. In the past six years, they went to last 4 of the champions league four times. Chelsea has qualification to win in Europe. Thank you very much for Hidink. I don’t know what happen in off season. For blues, the next season is very important. Everyone grows old. So some players are being down compared with younge age. That’s why the next season is very important. Tottenham finished 8th place. In the begining of the season, I was disappointed their position. But Spurs were well done. We had better feel refreshed in summer. I am looking forward to seeing the next football season.
    Pat!! Thank you very much!!


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