Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea

We studied this topic in one of my classes a few days ago.

Can you find Muynak?
Can you find Muynak?

Twenty years ago Muynak was an island in the Aral Sea. It was the centre of the Soviet Union fishing industry. Now it is in the middle of a desert of salt.

A man-made disasterA man-made disaster

The water which used to feed the Aral Sea is now used for cotton fields. The Aral Sea was once the 4th largest inland sea in the world, now it is just a lake.

3 thoughts on “Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea

  1. I’m reading imputing by Kapuscinski. He says this started in the 60s; the problem isn’t limited to what we see on the map, but locals have nowhere to go. They have huge health problems and don’t have enough drinking water. Or much else for that matter.


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