Uzbekistan and the Aral Sea

We studied this topic in one of my classes a few days ago.

Can you find Muynak?
Can you find Muynak?

Twenty years ago Muynak was an island in the Aral Sea. It was the centre of the Soviet Union fishing industry. Now it is in the middle of a desert of salt.

A man-made disasterA man-made disaster

The water which used to feed the Aral Sea is now used for cotton fields. The Aral Sea was once the 4th largest inland sea in the world, now it is just a lake.

Australia map

In one of my classes we studied some things about Australia and I made a photocopy of a map of Australia for each student. The original map was in colour, but of course the photocopy was black and white, or rather grey and grey, and was not so easy to see.

So here is the full colour map, and if you click your cursor over the map you can see a nice big image with no grey!

What is the capital city?Hover and click for larger image

Can chickens fly?

I thought that nearly every bird can fly. The only birds that cannot fly are really big ones like ostriches and emus, and others that don’t need to fly like kiwis, and of course penguins.

But I always thought that chickens can fly.

Follow me!
Follow me!

So why don’t the chickens fly over the river?


Rarotonga is the main island in the Cook Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, with a population of about 14,000. The capital city of the Cook Islands, Avarua, is on Rarotonga, but it is the beaches and ocean which attract many tourists.

Waht colour is the ocean?
What colour is the ocean?

I have never seen such a colour as the ocean in the photo above. I guess it’s a mixture of the turquoise water and the yellow sand below.


Why did the mantis cross the road?
Why did the mantis cross the road?

This mantis looks like it’s posing for a photo. Maybe that’s its house in the background.