Storm clouds

Not the best day for sunbathing
Not the best day for sunbathing

The sky is getting darker, the waves are getting stronger, and the storm clouds are approaching the coast of Italy.

Isn’t this a better sight than a sunny day?

2 thoughts on “Storm clouds

  1. Nice to see you too!
    Both games appear to be very close.
    I think Man U will have a little too much strength for Arsenal, and will be able to score a few goals against Arsenal’s slightly weak defence.
    As for Barca and the Blues, I cannot predict. Maybe it will end with pks! Let’s hope Drogba can take a pk this time.


  2. I’m glad to see you again. I’m looking forward to watching semi fnals. First, Manchester U vs Arsenal, it is first time to face in the Champions league. Two English big clubs battle is a lot of fun. Barcelona vs Chelsea, In the past, they had done great games. Of course, I want the blues to win. How do you guess the finalist??


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