Clouds: stratocumulus

Looks good, but a sign of bad weather to come
Looks good, but a sign of bad weather to come

Stratocumulus cloud is a layer of wavy clouds. It is not so high in the sky, and can make the day feel overcast, but does not usually bring rain.

However it often comes at the front of bad weather. Following behind the stratocumulus may be some thunderstorms or strong winds.

4 thoughts on “Clouds: stratocumulus

  1. Great result for Chelsea, and a great result in the other semi-final too.
    Messi is a big problem. Cole is a pretty good marker, and I don’t think Chelsea have another player who can mark him so well.
    Messi seems most dangerous when he comes from the wing to the central area, so maybe the best thing is to try to keep him on the wing.


  2. The London derby was fantastic. It was a nice behind victory. Enjoyment continue May 30th.
    Chelsea faces FC Barcelona. Both of them have possibilities to go the final. But A.Cole can’t play 1st leg. How do you deal with Messi?


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